About Us

The Academy of Multi-Skills, UK (AMS) was founded and registered in United Kingdom  in 1995 to give professional recognition to multi-skilled personnel, skilled trades, crafts and professions. The Academy encourages a positive and energetic attitude to the challenges of careers that require diversity, creativity and intellect, and recognizes the valuable contribution that these skills provide to society.

AMS sets out to fill the niche market for upgrading skills in various industries.

6/F Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, W1J6BR, UK

G33 Knowledge Village, Dubai, UAE

There has been a steady growth in the membership with several hundred applications each year. The total number of members registered is over 27,000. Members have come from over 40 countries.

There has also been a steady demand from members to be representatives in their own countries. There are over 130 such representations around the world.

AMS has established links with reciprocal bodies in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Dubai, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, UK, USA and Zimbabwe, etc. These bodies accept our members as their members on payment of the appropriate fee. In most instances, there is no need for our members to complete application forms other than the one on joining the AMS.


The AMS  provides educational services to Cameroun, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Philippines, Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, etc. These usually take the form of our approving the educational structures of local bodies and issuing certificates, diploma and memebrship from AMS.





"Knowledge is NOT skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is Skill."


                                                                                                     Shinichi Suzuki

Award Sample


1. The Playgroup Association, AMS, UK

2. The Association of Wedding Planners, AMS, UK

3. The Association of Psychological Practitioners, AMS, UK

4. The Association of Advanced Technology, AMS, UK

5. The Association of Engineers, AMS, UK

6. The Association of Beauty Therapist, AMS, UK