The Playgroup Association, AMS, UK

The Playgroup Association is one of the subsidiaries under Academy of Multi-Skills, UK which aims at developing systematic and updated knowledge for helping the stakeholders who participate in all kinds of activities in Early Childhood Education, Playgroup Education, Child and Youth Care and Development.

UK Early Childhood Courses

Advisory Board

Dr. David A. Shore

  • Former Associate Dean of Harvard University's School of Public Health and Current Faculty Member
  • Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Change at Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TUFE), China
  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development and Change at University of Monterrey (UDEM), Mexico
  • PhD
  • Doctor F.A.M.S

Dr. CHANG Pei-Jen

  • Professor of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health
  • PhD in Nursing
  • Doctor F.A.M.S

Dr. Audrey TSUI

  • Former Professor of Business School, National University of Singapore
  • Former Regional Head of Business Development, International Institute for Management Development (Switzerland)
  • President of Learning Global Ltd. US
  • PhD

Professional Courses & Designation

Professional Courses


1. Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Level 6)


Qualification Structure:

- Infant Learning

- Infant Care

- Early Experience in English or The Young Child in a Technological World (choose any one)

- Practical Learning


A. Graduates could apply for the Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education of Universidad Panamericana (UPA), recognized university by official UNESCO, UK, USA and Hong Kong accreditation body, with credits exemption.

- Dissertation Project (7000 to 8000 words in Eng) is required to submit for graduation



  • Certified Early Childhood Educator
  • Certified Playgroup Educator
  • Certified Montessori Education Specialist
  • Licensed Social Playgroup Specialist
  • Licensed Playgroup Center Manager

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Playgroup qualifications

Articles and Journals



1. The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects


2. Examining Quality in Two Preschool Settings: Publicly Funded Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Early Childhood Education Classrooms


3. The State of Infant - Toddler Care and Education in New Jersey


4. Parental Notions of School Readiness: How Have They Changed and Has Preschool Made a Difference?


5. Improving Early Education Programs through Data-based Decision Making





1. State of the Science on Implementation Research in Early Child Development and Future Directions


2. Building Capacity in Health and Education Systems to Deliver Interventions that Strengthen Early Child Development


3. Developmentally Appropriate Public School Preschool: A Study of Implementation of the High/Scope Curriculum and its Effects on Disadvantaged Children’s Skills at First Grade


4. Exploring Perspectives on Child Care with Families of Children with Autism


5. Enhancing Child Care Quality by Director Training and Collegial Mentoring


6. Yes They Can: Supporting Bachelor Degree Attainment for Early Childhood Practitioners


7. A Learning Combination: Coaching with CLASS and the Project Approach


8. Preschool Program Improves Cognitive Control



Articles & Presentations


1. Increasing Returns from Large Scale Investment in ECE


2. Learning about Young Children: Play-Based Screening in Early Childhood


3. Curriculum Decision Making: Dimensions to Consider


4. Designing a STEM Professional Development Program for Preschool Teachers, with Supports for DLLs


5. 2017 National Principals Conference: Supporting High Quality Education in the PreK-Third Grade Years


6. Talking to Children About Cancer


7. Talking to Kids About a Loved One Moving into a Nursing